I’m With You

Recently Michael Gungor (leader of the Christian band Gungor) has come under fire for his post-literal readings of the book of Genesis. I happen to personally agree with his interpretation of the book, having gone through my own transformation in understanding this ancient text. What has impressed me most is Michael’s handling of the entire situation.

Gungor’s most recent post on his blog is titled, “I’m With You.” It his response to critics demonization of both his views and himself. The fundamental right has always had a way of demonizing those they do not agree with. What strikes me as beautiful, inspiring, and encouraging is just how Gungor has blurred the line in the sand his critics have drawn.

When we disagree with someone, when we are hurt by someone, and when we find ourselves on opposite sides from someone, our innate response is to draw a line in the sand. Either you are with me or you are against me. You agree with me or you don’t. I am on this side or I am on that side. Inevitably both sides point fingers, accuse, backstab, betray, and destroy the other. No one comes out looking good. Everyone gets dirty. All parties get hurt. This is the natural way of humanity.

But Michael has shown us how to erase the line in the sand, even when the opposite side is screaming and yelling. We can, indeed, build bridges instead of burning them. But it takes both sides. Michael has taken the first step which is all anyone can do. Michael has reminded us that lines in the sand are often incorrect and that peace can be made if we would just come together. We don’t have to point fingers. We don’t have to take sides. We don’t have to scream and shout and try to destroy one another. We can come together. We can work this all out.

Thank you, Michael, for reminding me that demonizing another just creates bitterness in my own heart.

You can checkout Michael’s blog here.

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